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Blue Jays fan shows utter disdain for HR ball hit by A’s Khris Davis

One Blue Jays fan is not even a little bit interested in holding on to an opponent’s home run ball.

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Catching a ball in the stands at a baseball game for most people is a real thrill, even if it was a home run hit by the opposing team, although custom often dictates that fans toss their new souvenir back onto the field.

One Blue Jays fan took exactly zero pleasure in coming up with a long ball that left the field off the bat of the A’s Khris Davis, tossing it back with a level of disdain usually reserved for royalty shooing away a court jester.

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​The fan was likely happier with the game’s end result, as Toronto beat Oakland 6–3 to pull to .500 on the season.

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– Brendan Maloy