Monday’s afternoon Hot Clicks have info on the new Space Jam movie, and a gallery of Real World star Jamie Chung.

By Brendan Maloy
May 02, 2016

Space Jam 2 is a Go

Mark Phillips/AFP/Getty Images
James in the starring role. As someone at the dead center of the target demographic for the first film, I am excited for this.

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Are Still Upset

Last season, Josh Norman and Odell Beckham lost their minds while playing against each other, and now that Norman is in Washington, they are slated for two more battles in 2016. The cornerback let ODB know that the feud will continue, and also threatened to steal his bologna in a new Players Tribune post

Tweet for the Roses

Johnny Weir will be back at Churchill Downs this year and is taking his outlandish fashion sense interactive with a brooch that will be controlled by Twitter using the hashtag #WatchMeNeighNeigh.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


Trump for Kids

Comedian Michael Ian Black has put together a faux-children’s book about presidential candidate Donald Trump called A Child’s First Book of Trump. Trump had some trouble on the writing front himself today, misspelling Bobby Knight’s name as “Night.”

Too Much Cheese

Apparently the United States is dealing with a large cheese surplus. I believe I am the man to fix this problem.

If Space Jam Were Real

Goran and the Legends

Bar Rafaeli is Enjoying Pregnancy

Get It Together Goose

Odds & Ends

Night football returns to Wisconsin’s Camp Randall ... Ring of Honor’s Moose, a former Patriots lineman, talks about Brady and Belichick ... Byron Scott was the only person who did not expect Byron Scott to be fired ... Some very, very, very early Heisman race reporting ... This Snapchat story is also the best movie you've seen this year ... Everything you need to know about cookies

There is No Goalie That Can Stop Messi

Handball is Intense


Its Your Chance, Do Your Dance


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