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Christopher Mintz-Plasse from Superbad traded barbs with New York Daily News writer Frank Isola. 

By Extra Mustard
May 09, 2016

This is the most fun Knicks fans have had in years. 

On Monday night, New York Daily News writer Frank Isola and actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse got in a fight on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. The guy who played McLovin’ in Superbad has beef with a newspaper reporter.

It all started when Berman decided, for some reason, to reply to a month-old tweet from Mintz-Plasse and take a dig at his archrival, New York Post Knicks beat guy Marc Berman.

And we’re off!

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But wait, this may actually be a pro wrestling-style feud. 

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So there’s no chance this happens to Mintz-Plasse in real life?

That’s a relief. 

- Dan Gartland

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