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You can now watch Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor square off in digital form, although the results don’t look great for Mayweather.

By Extra Mustard
May 12, 2016

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After MMA star Conor McGregor had a falling out with the UFC last month some chatter began that the featherweight champion might take on the recently retired Floyd Mayweather in a contest of some kind, with Dana White recently telling Mayweather to call him if he wants the fight

While both Mayweather and McGregor have added fuel to the speculation that they may square off, the match still seems like a pipe dream for fight fans, which is why YouTube user Shady00018 created a digital version of the match using WWE 2K16, and it appears he is not a big fan of Floyd Mayweather.

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While this video game version of events does not make the boxing legend look too good, UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently said he believes if the pair boxed, McGregor would lose badly, but if the two entered the octagon, Mayweather would suffer a fast defeat.

– Brendan Maloy

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