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Three national journalists failed to answer a question about Cam Newton on Celebrity Jeopardy.

By Extra Mustard
May 17, 2016

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Cam Newton is the NFL’s reigning MVP, started at quarterback in the Super Bowl, and has made headlines for much of the last year, whether he was dabbing in the end zone or deciding not to answer questions.

Despite all of this, it appears even those deeply rooted in the journalism industry don’t know much about Newton. 

Three journalists appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy on Tuesday, with the term “Celebrity” apparently being used rather loosely these days. MSNBC’s Michael Steele, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and CBS’s Lara Logan competed on the game show, and all of them claimed ignorance about sports when presented with a clue about Newton.

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Come on, guys. Even if you watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials, you should be able to get this one. Or, you know, if you watch the news.

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