Toronto’s mayor totally overreacted to a silly website mistake made a little mistake, so the mayor of Toronto wrong a sternly worded letter. Come on, man. 
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Sometimes people who run websites make little harmless mistakes. But sometimes elected officials perceive these mistakes as slights against their city. 

On Tuesday morning, had a poll asking fans who they think will win the NBA Finals. There were four options, which makes sense because there are four teams left in the playoffs. But wait a second, where are the Raptors?

It’s pretty logical to think that the poll was simply a couple days old, from before the Raptors beat the Heat in Game 7. Maybe someone can tell that to Toronto mayor John Tory.

Tory decided to write a letter saying how not-mad he is about the whole thing, thereby revealing himself to be actually pretty mad. 

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The Raptors are going to get swept, anyway. 

- Dan Gartland