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Memphis paper confuses Grizzlies' new coach with Juwan Howard

A Memphis newspaper confused new Grizzlies' coach David Fizdale with Juwan Howard. 

In case David Fizdale was riding high from becoming the latest coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, a Memphis newspaper is here to bring him down.

Fizdale, a Miami Heat assistant coach from 2008 through this season, broke through to the next level this month, with the Grizzlies bringing him on board to replace Dave Joerger. Unfortunately, in its story about Fizdale, a Memphis newspaper used a photo of Juwan Howard instead.

The caption of the photo is all about Fizdale, who quite frankly, looks nothing like Howard.

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This is pretty egregious, especially considering that Howard is a pretty famous NBA player, and therefore should be somewhat recognizable among the milieu of NBA assistant coaches. A quick search on the Associated Press’s images website revealed it was the AP that mislabeled the photo, which the paper then grabbed off the web. But shouldn’t the paper have still known who Howard is? 

Unfortunately, these mistakes happen. If Fizdale lives up to expectations in Memphis, he probably won’t need to worry about this kind of mix-up ever again.