Teddy Bridgewater surprises young Vikings fan for birthday

It was the result of a successful social media campaign. 
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A young Vikings fan wanted to celebrate his birthday with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater—and Minnesota’s third–year quarterback fulfilled his wish. 

Obadiah Gamble, a six–year–old Vikings fan, decided he was going to invite team’s quarterback to attend his birthday party. So he and his family got creative: They posted a music video inviting Bridgewater to the party, and they created a Twitter page to promote the invitation. 

Bridgewater wasn't able to attend Obadiah’s actual party, but the quarterback surprised the young Vikings fan at his house. 

“It was a dream come true,” he told the Vikings’ official website. “I was like, ‘Oh man, that’s Teddy.’ Now I have to put on my best behavior for a football player.”

After Obadiah and his family posted his songs on social media, Bridgewater took notice. A few days later, the Vikings called and said Bridgewater wanted to wish Obadiah happy birthday in person. 

Bridgewater spent two hours at the Gambles’ home, even bringing Obadiah a cake. 

You can watch KMSP’s report on Bridgewater’s visit below: 

There was also a follow–up music video—this time featuring Bridgewater. 

Bridgewater made the Pro Bowl in 2015.