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Wade Phillips has received a corrected Super Bowl ring and it inspired him to rework a Drake and Future song.

By Brendan Maloy
June 17, 2016

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Wade Phillips got his first Super Bowl ring in an NFL coaching career that dates to 1976 after the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Unfortunately, Jostens, which makes the championship baubles, messed up the defensive coordinator's name.

The original ring, which said Peters instead of Phillips, has been replaced by the company, and Phillips tweeted out to show everyone that he now has twice the Super Bowl jewelry, and even came up with some new lyrics for Drake's and Future’s hit “Big Rings” about the mishap.

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This is a fun story, but now we need to talk about how Phillips came up with these lyrics. It is probable that someone younger than the 68-year-old came up with the modified lyrics and told him to tweet it, but it is also possible the team played the song so many times during its quest for, and celebration of, a Super Bowl ring that Phillips grew to know all the lyrics. 

But there is one more less likely theory I think we should blindly assume is correct: Wade Phillips is actually Drake’s ghostwriter. Think about it.

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