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Wondering why LeBron James is still a free agent?

By Extra Mustard
July 05, 2016

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We’re several days into free agency and counting, and LeBron James, NBA champion, has still not re-signed with the Cavaliers.

Ok, so he technically can’t do that until the moratorium lifts on July 7. But teams are calling to check about him. He hasn’t given a huge public vote of confidence. So...

What does this mean? Maybe not a lot. But this is the NBA, where anything is possible. We’re wondering just like you are. 

When one finds himself in such a moment of internal crisis and life-altering decision, there’s only two things you can do. One is sign with Golden State. The other is make a list.

So, of course, we made a list of reasons.

1. Rich Paul likes to hear his phone ring

2. Bronny and Bryce need to be picked up from camp

3. Mulling whether to match Delly's offer sheet

4. Still looking for J.R. Smith’s shirt

5. The banana boat got lost at sea

6. He likes watching David Griffin squirm

7. Meeting with Tom Brady

8. Playing the Hamilton lottery

9. Coaxing Ray Allen out of retirement

10. Coaxing Kobe out of retirement

11. Trying to trade Kevin Love

12. Still watching the O.J. 30 for 30

13. Arranging Dwyane Wade’s sublet in his house for next season

14. Finishing a summer course in calligraphy

15. Still wrapping his head around the whole Kevin Durant thing

16. Reading up on Brexit

17. Mulling retirement

18. Finishing his thesis on The Godfather

19. Doing a juice cleanse

20. Waiting for the Frank Ocean album to drop

21. Can’t decide if he should draft Dez Bryant or Ezekiel Elliott in fantasy

22. He’s negotiating the contract

23. He can't find a pen

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