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Watch: Buster Posey makes a perfect throw to a distracted Jake Peavy

Buster Posey perfectly landed a toss into the glove of a distracted Jake Peavy

Buster Posey has thrown a lot of baseballs back to the mound from home plate, so it is not surprising that he is good at it, but the accuracy, and luck, involved in a recent toss back to Giants starter Jake Peavy is difficult to comprehend. 

Peavy took his eyes off the former MVP catcher just as Posey began to throw the ball back to the pitcher, which can often lead to disaster. In this case, it lead to a ball landing safely in the veteran hurler’s glove.

Posey has played 636 games behind home plate in his career and he could probably play another 1,000 without making another toss like that.