July 11, 2016

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In Defense of Irina Shayk

Not sure what Bradley Cooper did to Irina Shayk, but she seemed really angry during the Wimbledon finale on Sunday. And I don't think it was allergies (though good spin by their PR team). I know Irina because she is a SI Swimsuit model and (as the video above demonstrates) really funny. She has important friends and looks damn good in a bikini. That's what people should focus on. 

#BaseballisFun Rant

​With the all-star game in San Diego, Josh Donaldson, Mike Trout and Francisco Lindor dressed up like Anchorman characters and posted the photos to Twitter. Fairly harmless until you see the painful #BaseballisFun hashtag added to the tweets. In general, when you need to state something is fun, it probably isn't that fun. When was the last time you were at a bar with your friends and one of them stopped the conversation to say "going to a bar with friends is fun?" It doesn't happen. So if anyone from MLB is reading, stop trying so hard. Baseball is fun but you don't need a cheesy hashtag to get the word out.

McKayla Maroney Update

Haven't seen McKayla Maroney in a few years but the Daily Mail has a story on her and she aged very well. Ignore the Daily Mail's fascination with her "plump pout." Still not sure what the fuss is about. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Meet Rachel Serrano, my new favorite model and today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Pokémon Go 

Still not quite sure I understand the Pokemon craze. I do, however, like this Massachusetts man tweeting about all the people stopping by his house because it's apparently a 'gym' where people can train their Pokémon.

MLB Grammar Power Rankings

St. Louis may have great baseball fans but their grammar needs work.

Toilet University

Bryce Harper and His Hair

Tim Duncan Retirement Tour

Odds & Ends

QUIZ: How much do you know about MLB All-Star Game history? ... I'm not into tattoos but these are pretty great. Especially the Ray Allen one ... Giancarlo Stanton had the greatest Home Run Derby performance ever ...  British museums are swapping masterpieces for fake art ... Why Adam Sandler will never host Saturday Night Live ... I like chocolate chip cookies and Oreos, so this has to be good, right?  

Home Run Derby is Dangerous

Five Facts You Didn't Know About the MLB All-Star Game

Happy Birthday, Richard Simmons

I'm the Man Who Loves You

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