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Neymar will not stop partying for anyone

Brazilian soccer star Neymar thinks people should stop worrying about his off-the-field life. 

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Brazilian soccer star Neymar is really tired of people questioning his off-the-field habits.

The Barcelona striker is currently preparing with his national team for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, but in his down time he's recently been spotted partying with the likes of Justin Bieber. When questioned about his clubbing habits at a press conference Tuesday, Neymar—one of the best soccer players in the world—was perhaps too woke for those trying to harsh his mellow:

“I think you have to start by looking at what I do on the pitch," Neymar said. “The moment I am off the field it's my personal time. I like to go out and have fun with my friends. I have family too so why can't I go out to clubs? I can and I will. I am well aware what my duties are the next day. I am going to keep going out and I don't see anything wrong with that.

“Imagine you're 24 years old, earning what I earn and having all that I have. Wouldn't you be the same as me?”

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You’re right Neymar, I would be the same. Heck, I'm 23 and earn a fraction of what Neymar does but I still don’t let that stop me from having a good time. (It helps that truly no one at Extra Mustard cares about my personal life.)

Neymar seems like a chill dude who is good at his job, so I’m going to let him cook. I hope he wears a “Why can’t I go out to clubs?” shirt under his jersey during the Olympics.