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The Hasselbeck brothers just started a feud with the Ryan brothers

Matt and Tim Hasselbeck rode a tandem bicycle 

For years, the Ryan brothers have been the best brothers in the NFL, and have had absolutely no competition. Sorry, Fullers and Mannings and Carrs and Longs. It’s true. The Ryans have been on top.

To add insult to injury, Rex and Rob teamed up this season to coach in Buffalo, making it nearly impossible for anyone to take their title of ‘best brothers.’

Well, it just so happens that the Hasselbeck brothers teamed up, too, at ESPN. And they’re so out here. They’re like the anti-Ryans—no hair, pretty laid back and offensive-minded.

On Wednesday, they started a feud with the Ryans by imitating them on a tandem bike. It was, in all likelihood, a lighthearted imitation. But it was electric.

I’m all in on the Hasselbecks this season. I hope we get a two-on-two interview on a future broadcast, or even a recurring segment. Maybe some sort of contest to end the season. We need this feud to continue.

– Kenny Ducey