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Watch: Vin Scully educates listeners on different kinds of fish

As the Dodgers played host to the Rays, Vin Scully talked about fish.

Vin Scully has had quite the farewell season, telling stories about the Star Spangled Banner and beards, explaining “G.O.A.T.” means, and reciting James Earl Jones’s Field of Dreams speech.

On Wednesday afternoon, as the Dodgers played host to the Rays, Scully decided to use Tampa Bay’s team name as an excuse to talk about some fish.

Scully went through a list of interesting fish, including the rockfish, which can apparently live longer than most humans. Once again, Scully took a mind-numbing topic and made it fascinating.

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Scully was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in May with a story by Tom Verducci. He’s been calling Dodgers games for 67 seasons.

– Kenny Ducey