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The Marlins no facial hair policy has forced Andrew Cashner to shave his beautiful beard.

By Brendan Maloy
July 30, 2016

Andrew Cashner had what was arguably the most glorious beard in Major League Baseball, with a fullness and rugged shape rarely seen in the world of pogonotrophy, but a deadline deal between the Padres and Marlins has brought all that to an end.

The Marlins instituted a “No Facial Hair” policy at the beginning of the season, which formerly mustachioed manager Don Mattingly has sworn to uphold, and their new pitcher has abided by, letting his face see the light of day again in Miami.

When Cashner first came into the league with the Cubs in 2009 he was nearly clean shaven but almost immediately went to work cultivating his facial hair, eventually leading to the impressive beard he brought to the mound in San Diego.

Cashner has a 4.76 ERA in 16 starts with the Padres before being traded on Friday as part of a seven player deal between San Diego and Miami.


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