The Cavs’ championship celebration in Las Vegas came with a hefty price tag. 

By Dan Gartland
August 01, 2016

We knew J.R. Smith must have had a lot of fun in Las Vegas after the Cavs won the championship, but we never would have guessed he had this much fun. 

Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins has an exclusive interview with LeBron James in this week’s issue of the magazine (and you should read all of it), but it’s worth reading just for this detail about J.R. in Vegas. 

While they toasted their title poolside at XS Nightclub—where Smith sprayed $23,000 worth of champagne, according to credible estimates—James slipped out the door.

Wait, how much? I’ve never bought a bottle of champagne at a Vegas nightclub so I can’t guess how much bubbly that is in terms of volume, but maybe we can contextualize it another way. 

LeBron James chases the ghost from Chicago and basketball immortality

That’s enough to buy 767 Cavs championship T-shirts (which would have come in handy). Or he can buy tickets to Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for he and 978 of his closest friends. 

He still would have been $26,500 short for a courtside ticket to Game 7, though.

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