Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Mikaela Hoover and the U.S. Olympic basketball team living the good life

By Andy Gray
August 03, 2016

U.S. Basketball Has Right Idea

James Breeden for
with custom seven-foot beds, a pool, gym, spa and cigar lounge.

NBA Players in Sushi Form

Sushi Tim Duncan is my favorite.

Umpire Ejects Fan

You rarely see this but Bob Davidson had enough of an unruly Phillies fan.

Mikaela Hoover: Lovely Lady of the Day

Mikaela Hoover is a model and actress who will star in the upcoming movie Alexander IRL. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Leonardo DiCaprio Spots Jonah Hill on NYC Street, Pretends He's a Superfan

This is Leonardo DiCaprio's best work since The Departed.

This Changes Everything

Apparently, flossing your teeth doesn't really do that much.

Munchies From Every State

I'm from Massachusetts but don't feel good about Hood. Lame choice.

Best Hair in the NFL?

Road to Rio

Baseball Injury of the Day

Odds & Ends

Samantha Hoopes did some keg lifts ... Not sure why B.J. Armstrong has a problem with LeBron James comparing himself to Michael Jordan ... Breakdown of which colleges boast the most Olympians ... Someone wake this Mets fan up before he sleeps through the whole game ... Ryan Tannehill’s son is named ‘Steel Ryan Tannehill’ ... This guy is playing hoops with deer in his driveway

More Beef

Here's more of Tiffany's conversation with PGA golfer/cult hero Andrew "Beef" Johnston (watch Part 1 here). And no, PETA, he is not changing his nickname to "Tofu." 

First Pitch of the Day

How to Twerk, With Serena Williams

Joey Votto is Not Pleased

(Editor's Note: they made up later)

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