Dez Bryant is livid at his rating in 'Madden 17'

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had some words for the development team of ‘Madden 17.’
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The highly anticipated Madden 17 finally came out earlier this month, and in an annual tradition, some players were not happy about their rating in the game.

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who has previously taken issue with his speed rating in the game, is perhaps the most high-profile player upset with his rating this year, calling his 90 overall an “insult.”

“It is what it is," Bryant told the Dallas News. “We're just going to see what happens. Like I told Madden, they put me at 90. I'm not worried about that. That rating going to shoot up real quick, you best believe that.

“I play Madden, I [expletive] love Madden. They would do me like that? Oh my God. That is an insult, like why would you do that to me? How much I love y'all. Like that? Not John Madden, because I love him. It's the developers.”

The developers of the game responded to Bryant’s complaints with a tongue-in-cheek tweet:

It’s hard to disagree with Dez, whose overall rating in the game dropped from a 96 in last year’s version only because of a few injuries. The only way the game could have made him more angry was if they said he didn’t catch it.

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