Stephen Colbert ‘interviews’ Ryan Lochte on Late Show

Stephen Colbert put together a much more amusing version of Ryan Lochte’s apologetic interview with Matt Lauer.
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NBC is the official broadcast sponsor of the Olympics meaning they had a very big leg up on the competition when it came to landing the first Ryan Lochte interview after the swimmer’s robbery story was turned upside down.

Since Stephen Colbert could not get access to the controversial Olympian, he decided to edit together his own interview with Lochte from the existing footage with truly wonderful results.

Colbert asking if a banana is a gun is a lot more entertaining than Matt Lauer’s scolding.

The late night host even doubled down on the Olympic jokes with his monologue on Monday night.

Lochte is having a very rough post-Olympic period, rapidly losing sponsors as he tries to make amends for fabricating parts of his wild night out in Rio to make him and his teammates look like victims.

The swimmer will always have his 12 Olympic medals, including six gold, and no amount of dumb mistakes and uncomfortable interviews will be able to undo that.