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There was absolutely no reason to care about the Braves, and then A.J. Pierzynski happened.

By Kenny Ducey
September 10, 2016

There was absolutely no reason to care about the Braves, and then A.J. Pierzynski happened.

After the Braves beat the Mets 4–3 on an Adonis Garcia walk-off single, Pierzynski acted like the team had clinched a wild card spot. He had water dumped on him in the dugout, and his son was there to take a photo with him, according to the Braves broadcast. After that, was seen by reporters hugging all his teammates in the clubhouse, all of whom had cigars.

All this for the guy whose single moved the winning run to third base.

Now, before we dive into all of this, watch this 55-second clip from Fox Sports South. This is the most exciting thing these two have had to discuss all season long. It’ll get you into this story.

So, after all that took place, David O’Brien from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was pretty convinced this looked like a retirement (can you blame him?). He sent out a tweet that, apparently, the catcher was calling it a career. That set Twitter ablaze.

Pierzynski was even asked about it, and said “I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t know what tomorrows going to bring but if that’s it...it was fun,” which is the strangest thing ever. Why would you say something like that if you’re not retiring?

As the time passed, and reporters began to dig deeper into this thing, it became apparent that this wasn’t a retirement. The cigars were for the birth of Julio Teheran’s son, which happened a month ago.

That’s super odd. No word on the hugs, either, but it could be that the Braves are still not eliminated from the playoffs. It’s very possible A.J. Pierzynski just played his last game, but he’s not saying that yet.

For once in a long while, though, you care about the Braves. Admit it.

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