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The guy Tim Tebow homered off of is apparently a Tebow fan

Former Vanderbilt pitcher John Kilichowski is a big Florida Gators fan. 

Tim Tebow took former Vanderbilt pitcher John Kilichowski yard with the first pitch he saw as a professional baseball player, and Kilichowski may have had mixed feelings about it. 

Back in 2013, Kilichowski, a Florida football fan and Tampa native, tweeted that he was unimpressed with the play of former Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel. One of his followers jumped in with a cryptic, arithmetic response that requires a bit of unpacking.


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Is Kilichowski saying he thinks Tebow is better than all those guys? Or did he recoil at the mention of his name? Probably the former. 

The tweet was posted during the 2013 Sugar Bowl, when Driskel turned the ball over three times on two interception and a fumble. He would finish the day 16 of 29 for 175 yards. He doesn’t play baseball now. 

(An earlier version of this post misinterpreted the tweet. Math is hard.)

Kilchowski joked after the game that he and Tebow had made a deal.

Hey, Tebow’s a nice guy. He probably would have taken the first pitch if you asked.