We’re just as surprised as you that the defending NFC Champions are off to such a dismal start, so we decided to do a surprise Monday Night Football Beer Pick ‘Em.

By Extra Mustard
October 10, 2016

It’s Week 5 in the NFL and the 1-3 Carolina Panthers host the 1-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.  We’re just as surprised as you that the defending NFC Champions are off to such a dismal start, so we decided to do a surprise Monday Night Football Beer Pick ‘Em.

This week, the three beers from Tampa Bay and the three beers from North Carolina were randomly paired to create an element of surprise for Extra Mustrad’s Tiff Oshinsky.

We won’t reveal the match-ups below, but we will give you a little more information on the craft beers used from each team’s city in alphabetical order by brewery.

To find out which beers won, and ultimately which team will win Monday Night Football, watch the video above.  And remember, drink local!

Tampa Bay Beer

Cigar City Brewing’s Jai Alai IPA (7.5% ABV) – Jai Alai, a game native to the Basque region of Spain, is played on a court called a fronton. Jai Alai players attempt to catch a ball using a curved mitt whilst the ball travels at speeds up to 188mph! Proving they have a sense of humor the Spanish dubbed this game, with its ball traveling at racecar speeds, “the merry game.” Tampa was once home to a bustling Jai Alai fronton but sadly all that remains of Jai Alai in the Tampa Bay area is this India Pale Ale that we brew in tribute to the merry game. The India Pale Ale style of beer has its roots in the ales sent from England to thirsty British troops in India during the 18th century. Pair Jai Alai India Pale Ale with beef empanadas, deviled crabs and other spicy dishes.

Six Ten Brewing’s Fall Pumpkin Stout (8.5% ABV) – Six Ten’s flavorful and rich Pumpkin Stout by itself is an Autumn treat but Fall goes for the extra points by aging in Rum Barrels for up to six months. They bring the flavors of the season together using real pumpkin and spices that stand up to this rich beverage that goes down as easy as a slice of your favorite Pumpkin Pie.

Six Ten Brewing’s Horchata Stout (8.5% ABV) – Rum Barrel Aged Horchata Stout is a tribute to the Latin breakfast drink. Six Ten’s take on Horchata is a Panamanian take using Oats instead of rice. The brewer adds lactose for creaminess and traditional spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. Rum barrel aging adds a Tampa flair and depth to this beer. Get ready for a chilly tailgate, this beer will keep you warm and toast.

North Carolina Beer

Birdsong Brewing Co.’s Jalapeno Pale Ale (5.5% ABV) – Birdsong’s Jalapeno Pale Ale is in a class of its own. We start by brewing Free Will Pale Ale, and then add a hefty dose of fresh-picked jalapeno peppers with the seeds removed, so you can enjoy a subtle flavor and the aroma of the green peppers without the heat.

Natty Greene’s Brewing Company’s Guilford Golden Ale (4.4% ABV) – Light-bodied, golden ale. Brewed with English yeast, hops and malt, yielding a crisp, refreshing finish.

Sugar Creek Brewing Company’s Biere de Garde (6.8% ABV) – Name literally means, “Beer which has been kept or lagered.” No expense was spared in recreating this traditional artisanal ale from Northern France. To recreate this regional specialty, we imported all of the ingredients from the countries that birthed the style. The end result is a mlat-forward amber with deep hits of caramel and candied apple. Eight different specialty malts come together to yield a magnificently complex malt profile. The French Strisselspalt hops used for aroma create a mildly spicy and floral bouquet. The unique yeast strain combined with warm fermentation and an extended cold-conditioning period produce a smooth and drinkable ale reminiscent of a lager but with full flavored ale fruitiness.

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