Ranking the best and worst NBA emoji hashtags

Let's take a look at each NBA team's designated hashtag this season.
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The NBA announced Monday that each team will have its own Twitter hashtag emojis, meaning if fans use their team’s designated hashtag, a little image of their team’s logo shows up. Fun, right?

The NFL—laggards in the social media world—did this before the current season began, following in the footsteps of the NBA, who gave players their own hashtags during last year’s All-Star Game.

Now, naturally you’re going to have some really fun hashtags, and some that are misses. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got this year.

Pretty good, but there are certainly some strange ones in there. Let’s go through the five best and five worst.

The Best

5. Thunder

Always good to have your finger on the pulse of your fanbase. “#ThunderUp” is the runaway favorite hashtag in OKC.

4. Blazers

Not quite the best city out there, but a very good city. Plus, they’ve got tremendous dedication—their links shorten to “rip.city.”

3. Jazz

Look, it’s a pun, but it might actually be a good pun. Plus, I think the league will definitely be taking note of the Jazz this season.

2. Grizzlies

Could have also gone with “#HereWeGrind” but this works just as well. One of the grittiest teams in the league.

1. Pistons


The Worst

5. Cavaliers

Drop “defend” and then maybe we have a good hashtag. 

4. Sixers

Absolutely no trust of the process, smh.

3. Clippers

Who is saying this? What happened to “#Family?”

2. Knicks

Easy chance to go with #KnicksTape here, and they didn’t. Sure, the tape era is over, but that’s better than just tagging “#Knicks,” one of the most disappointing franchises in sports.

1. Nets

You’re gonna need some grit to get to these games.