Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Jade Albany; Should Bob Uecker Replace Joe Buck?

Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Jade Albany and a petition to have Bob Uecker should replace Joe Buck on the broadcast
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World Series Preview


The World Series begins Tuesday night and we have a preview and expert predictions, though no prediction is as good as this California man who forecasted a 2016 Cubs World Series victory back in 1993. There's internet chatter about Steve Bartman throwing out the first pitch but don't expect that to happen. There's a petition to have Bob Uecker replace Joe Buck on play-by-play but don't expect that either. Though to Buck's credit, he likes the idea.

John Madden Speaks

I interviewed John Madden. We discussed the Raiders possible move to Vegas, if he'd rather have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning for one game and his classic Miller Lite ads. I'm mad at myself for not asking him about this photo. Oh well.

The Inspirational Story of Two Amazing Runners

Meet 85-year-old Ed Whitlock, who ran the Toronto Marathon in just three hours, 56 minutes and 33 seconds, breaking the record for 85-89-year-olds by almost 40 minutes. In a related story, I ran my first 5K on Sunday and finished in 33 minutes. How about that, Ed!

Jade Albany: Lovely Lady of the Day

I did some research and discovered that we created our Jade Albany LLOD gallery exactly one year ago today. I think we have a new Oct. 26 tradition. (click for full-size gallery). 

Ranking the NBA's New Team Hashtags

Not sure why the NBA felt the need to release team hashtags but glad I'm not a Jazz fan.

Paging Pro Wrestling Fans

We spoke with Dolph Ziggler about his feud with The Miz, stand-up comedy and his WWE future.

Redskins Coach Pees On Sideline

Safe to say the people in the first few rows got their money's worth.

Love Barbeque and Scary Movies?

May I suggest the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed barbecue resort in Bastrop, Texas?

Handwriting in 1908 > Handwriting in 2016

Two Guys With Absolutely Nothing in Common

Odds & Ends

The best Halloween costumes for sports fans ... The Broncos pounded the Texans and Denver must be so happy it didn't pay Brock Osweiler ... Alex Ovechkin and fiancee Nastya Shubskayagot into the Halloween spirit ... The Vikings bloodied up some stuffed animals before losing to the Eagles ... Good work by the Rangers in dedicating Sunday's game to fighting cancer ...  Nobody can figure out if this is a photo of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray.

Randy Moss Shows Off Kicking Skills

Tree Arrest of the Day

Who Sang it Best: Not Fade Away

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