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Please return Bill Walton's bike, he needs it

Bill Walton needs his bike back.

On Monday afternoon, Bill Walton tweeted a plea for help. His beloved bike had gone missing and he called on Hawaiian Airlines to return his ride.

Walton says that he waited in the Maui airport for FIVE hours and it never showed up. That's love.

When asked for more details in a private message, Walton had no time for Hawaiian Airlines to email a response.

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Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journalrecently wrote about Walton's cycling obsession and noted that the former NBA star can talk all types of stems and cranks and shoes.

Walton is 6'11" so it must have been tough for any bike thief to reach the pedals.

UPDATE (8 p.m. ET): He found his bike, and thank Twitter for helping him.