Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Emily Ratajkowski and a ranking of the NFL mascots

By Andy Gray
December 09, 2016

Ranking the NFL Mascots

Seriously. The Dolphins should just punt, and hire Billy the Marlin for their home games. This fish mammal has the wide-eyed look of something that finally snapped after everyone kept tapping on his aquarium.
Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire

At SI, we love ranking mascots. We've done so with the NHL, MLB and NBA (Pierre the Pelican deserved better than No. 5). But you never hear much about NFL mascots and that's not right. Below is a gallery of our ranking, from the Raider Rusher (No. 28) to Seattle's Blitz (No 1). (Click here for full-size gallery.) 

Steve Spurrier Struggles With Selfie

I don't want to say Steve Spurrier is an old man confused by technology, but this video of him trying to take a selfie makes a pretty strong case.

The NFL's Most Entertaining Player

Raiders punter Marquette King got his revenge on Travis Kelce.

Emily Ratajkowski: Lovely Lady of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski showed off her ample underboob in Love Magazine's annual advent calendar. This seems like a good way to start your weekend (and yes, those are guitar pics). Enjoy! (Click for full-size gallery.

Worst Tipping Policy Ever

This couple (from parts unknown) places five one-dollar bills on the table and removes one every time the waiter screws up. This feels like the plot of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

Love Knows No Age

Here's a story about two people in their 90s who just got married. Apparently a lot of geriatrics are falling in love. There's hope for us all!

Stat of the Day

Scenes From Grand Central Terminal, 1962

On This Day ... in 1968

Odds & Ends

If you're a wrestling fan, this is the best weekly column on the internet ... John Harbaugh is still mad at the Patriots about a trick formation they used two years ago ... A big brawl broke out in the stands of Thursday night's Chiefs-Raiders game ... Ten Heisman Trophy winners who had the best NFL careers ... Bobby Valentine may be Donald Trump's pick for Ambassador to Japan ... A look at every winner of Time Magazine's Person of the Year ... Still can't believe Judge Reinhold was arrested ... The 24 best blankets you can buy on Amazon ... The fastest way to chill beer.

Emily Ratajkowski Outtakes

Wrong Locker Room!

Meet the Squirrel Whisperer

This Guy is Ready for the Weekend

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