Wednesday's P.M Hot Clicks: Ashley Hart; the NFL According to Brandon Meriweather

Wednesday's P.M Hot Clicks feature the lovely Ashley Hart and the musings of Brandon Meriweather
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The NFL According to Brandon Meriweather

Didn't think Brandon Meriweather would be atop Hot Clicks in late December did you? Meriweather hasn't played in the NFL since 2015 but he did an interesting booze-themed radio interview on Wednesday. First, in response to Michael Floyd's disturbing DUI video, he said that every NFL player "has got a fall guy". Second, he said players would get "dead drunk" before the Pro Bowl. And lastly, former Patriots' teammate Matt Light told an amazing story about tricking Meriweather into giving his bar tab to Bill Belichick.

Boogie & Sherman

DeMarcus Cousins and Richard Sherman are drying the ire of many this week. First, Sherman had a sideline meltdown over the Seahawks' offensive playcalling then he flipped out on a reporter, saying he'll ruin his career and revoke media credentials. Sure, the cornerback did apologize but not before pissing off a lot of people. As for Boogie, he scored 55 points against Portland on Tuesday night but the biggest story was his temper tantrum after getting ejected. Although officials reversed it (which they should not have), he still went off during a "poor me" postgame interview. Meyers Leonard said he deserved it.

Fans Dominated 2016

From nudity and dancing to flipping off players and throwing crap on the playing surface, fans made headlines hundreds of times in 2016. Here's an amazing recap of the best/worst fan behavior stories from the year.

Ashley Hart: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

We have another SI Swimsuit hopeful as our LLOD this afternoon. The beautiful Ashley Hart, also an Australia native like A.M. LLOD Jessica Gomes, recently dropped by for a Casting Call. (Click here for full-sized gallery.) 

Interesting Idea

Andy Staples proposes the NCAA allow redshirt players to participate in their team's bowl game without losing eligibility.

Fournette Wins

This tweet isn't getting enough attention. After Leonard Fournette was blasted for sitting out LSU's bowl game, he responded with a photo of his adorable daughter:

Screw the Mortgage

Remember Ralph Cox? Me Neither

Brilliant Pete. Just Brilliant

Odds & Ends

Kate Upton buys unbelievable mansion in Los Angeles ... Iowa left the court and refused to shake hands with North Dakota ... Americans will spend nearly $1,000 on Christmas gifts in 2016 (probably need a bigger tree) ... This Trekkie went a little overboard in decorating his home ... Chris Boswell hit with "random" drug test after hitting six FGs ... Duquesne basketball wore sick 1970s throwback uniforms the other night ... J.R. Smith is having surgery on a broken thumb.

Human Flying Drone

This video is a little long but it's beyond worth it.

Global Warming? Pssh

Pooping in Antarctica

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but post this video about pooping in Antarctica being a logistical nightmare.

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