How Dennis Rodman made Chris Chelios and Eddie Vedder friends

How Dennis Rodman helped Chris Chelios and Eddie Vedder become best friends.
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Pearl Jam star and Chicago Cubs loyalist Eddie Vedder turns 52 today.

Vedder was one of the many notable stars that followed the Cubs on their World Series run in October. His presence behind the plate provided us with some great photos of Vedder and former Blackhawks star Chris Chelios celebrating and cheering.

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In a recent interview with The Athletic, Chelios shared an interesting story on how former Bulls star Dennis Rodman is part of the reason behind their friendship.

“I got to thank Dennis Rodman for that one,” Chelios said. “Eddie was friends with Dennis Rodman. And when the Bulls were on that run with Michael [Jordan], Dennis and Scottie [Pippen] and the rest of the team, Eddie was a good friend of Dennis, so we started frequenting the same bars, restaurants. It turned out that we had grown up in the same area of Chicago and San Diego and finally meeting back in Chicago in the 90s. We just kind of hit it off and remained close and still remain close.“

Vedder's friendship with Cubs president Theo Epstein was also featured in Tom Verducci's recent Sports Illustrated profile of the man that built the World Series champions.