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Martellus Bennett compares winning a lot with the Patriots to sex

Martellus Bennett compares winning with the Patriots to sex.

Martellus Bennett is very happy with his current situation.

The Patriots finished the season 14–2 heading into the playoffs with a strong case as Super Bowl contenders. Bennett likes the change of scenery after two seasons with 10 losses or more with the Chicago Bears.

“It's cool. I'm kind of getting used to winning now, you know what I'm saying?" Bennett told reporters. “At first, it's like 'Yeah!' It's like the first time having sex. And then your second time and the your third time, it's like 'Oh yeah, it's pretty cool. I'm getting better at it.' It's really fun.”

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And now we know why the Cleveland Browns celebrated so much after their first win last week. You never forget your first time.