Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Karoline Emmertsen and the Warriors' win over the Cavs

By Andy Gray
January 17, 2017

Warriors Beat Up Cavs

The Warriors destroyed the Cavs in a rematch of last year's Finals. Not sure I would've paid $52,000 to watch but it was a good game nonetheless. Tempers flared in the second quarter when Draymond Green flattened LeBron James on a fast break (then made fun of his reaction). It was a rough night for James, who got rejected badly by Kevin Durant and saw his perfect trick pass to Kyle Korver go for nothing. The teams will likely meet again in June. Let's hope Tyronn Lue is out of his trance by then.

Craziest Game of NHL Season

Normally, seven goals are enough to win a hockey game but that wasn't the case for Washington, which fell to Pittsburgh 8-7 in overtime Monday night. It was the most goals in a game since 2011, yet Alex Ovechkin somehow didn't score any of them. Here's a look at all 15 goals and the reaction of hockey players and fans on Twitter.

Barack Obama's 22 Best Sports Joke During His Presidency

It pains me to say but the Deflategate joke was pretty funny. 

Karoline Emmertsen: Lovely Lady of the Day

Luke from Dallas wrote in to request Karoline Emmertsen​ be LLOD, and after the Cowboys heartbreaking loss, it's the least I could do (click for full-size gallery). 

Brian Scalabrine Arm Wrestles For Table at Restaurant

Boston is the best.

Washing Machine Throwdown

Hafthór “Thor” Björnsson, who plays “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, attempted to set a Guinness World Record for longest washing machine toss. I won't spoil the results.

This is Creepy

This 56-year-old guy wants to find a young girl to attend Coachella with him. And his list of demands is beyond creepy, especially the part about moisturization of hands and feet.

Jim Harbaugh in a Go-Kart

Will Smith Plays Nintendo

Paging all Mermaids

Odds & Ends

Kevin Harlan was in rare form during Monday night's Thunder-Clippers game ... Tom Brady and Gisele enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon together ... Tim Duncan is getting his own cereal ... ​Courtney Lee had an interesting reaction to getting benched ... The Carmelo Anthony-Phil Jackson relationship is not very good these days ... Good news. Taco Bell's fried chicken taco shell is coming to a location near you ... This is the perfect age to get married (according to science) ... Need a present for the baseball fan in your life? Consider this home plate doormat or (if you have a little more money) a piece of baseball stadium art.

Love the Reaction 

From Hockey Arena to Basketball Court

Tiny Puppy Alert

Holy Crap This is Frightening

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