Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Nina Daniele and Martellus Bennett getting his cake

By Andy Gray
January 24, 2017

Martellus Bennett Gets His 'You're Awesome' Cake

Here's a dumb fun story. Martellus Bennett promised to celebrate his first Super Bowl appearance by baking a cake with the words "You're Awesome" on it. But when he got home, he was out of cake batter mix and all the stores were closed. So no cake for Martellus. That is until a Patriots fan who happens to own a cake company heard about the situation and delivered Martellus his "You're Awesome" Cake. 

Three Clutch Shots, a Slap and an Air Ball 

Monday night was a good one for NBA fans. Both Russell Westbrook and Dion Waiters hit game-winning buzzer-beaters while Carmelo Anthony hit a clutch shot to lead the Knicks to victory. Zaza Pachulia got his thug on and slapped Luke Babbitt in the head. But the most memorable play of the night was Joakim Noah's free throw air ball (and his reaction to it).

John Elway Makes Cab Driver Very Happy

Being a taxi driver is not the most glamorous job but it certainly has its moments.

Nina Daniele: Lovely Lady of the Day

There are plenty of models posting photos of themselves in lingerie, but not every model includes her dog in those photos. That's why we love Nina Daniele (click for full-size gallery). 

Great Moments in Limbo

I'm a little late on this one but Shemika Charles (a.k.a. - The Limbo Queen) had some time to kill at the Philadelphia Airport and put on an impromptu show for fellow passengers waiting for their flights. 

Good Job, Good Effort

Shout out to Lexie Vaught of Division-II Drury, who wasn't going to let a lost shoe slow her down. Unfortunately, it did just that.

Paging All Bacon Lovers

There is now a toaster just for making bacon. That is all.

Dad Problems

Alternative Facts in College Hoops

Odds & Ends

Safe to say nobody thought the Falcons would advance to the Super Bowl ... Can't blame Grayson Allen for this mini-altercation ... LeBron James is frustrated with the Cavs' top heavy roster ... My Super Sweet 16 is returning to MTV ... Oscar predictions for the upcoming show ... So now whole wheat bread might not be so healthy after all. 

Roger Clemens With a Rare Save

Fake (But Still Entertaining)

Barack Obama Mixtape

Stevie Wonder Joins Random Singer in Hotel Lobby


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