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Little guy from ‘Like Mike’ is quite mad about the outcome of the Super Bowl

Oh yeah, I remember that guy.

That little dude who played Calvin Cambridge in Like Mike—known to a few as ‘Bow Wow’—is no longer using family-friendly language in his films.

Shad Moss—who recently retired from a rap career that was somehow alive—was in attendance for Super Bowl LI on Sunday night and got incredibly heated when his favorite team began to fumble away its lead.

As the Falcons began to fall from grace, just as Shad did years ago, Mr. Moss screamed some f-bombs right into his phone to show how grown up he is. He then added a strange comparison.

Just hours prior to the outburst, he was quite confident the Falcons would win.

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Well, Mr. Wow, it appears the fakriots are not done, but you and your Falcons are. Next time, you should ease up on the smack talk.