Amond all the great tweets from the Super Bowl, these stunk.

By Kenny Ducey
February 06, 2017

The Super Bowl is a time for tweeting. It’s one of those rare occasions that almost everyone in the world is watching the same event at the same time, and reacting to it online. During the game, Twitter’s pretty much fine. You’ve got your kneejerk reactions, a bunch of screaming, and some amazing jokes. Afterwards, though, everyone wants to deliver the take to end all takes. Everyone wants to leave a stamp on the game that will last forever. They want a spot at the debate table with Skip Bayless.

Well, sometimes those aforementioned people try a little too hard. There were some pretty awful tweets sent out after Sunday’s game. Here are some that should be deleted immediately:

I know what he was going for, but this makes absolutely no sense:

Now there was one good tweet, however:

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