Video: Announcer has come-to-Jesus moment after 70-foot buzzer-beater

“Forgive me Lord, I counted my chickens before they hatched!”
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While big-name announcers usually try to maintain an air of impartiality, but not in Division II basketball. Young Harris College play-by-play man Tommy Jenkins has no desire to pretend he’s not pulling for the Mountain Lions. It’s a good thing, too, because then we wouldn’t have gotten this amazing clip from Monday night’s game against the University of Montevallo. 

When Young Harris’s C.J. Wilson buried a buzzer-beater from the opposite three-point line to force overtime, Jenkins had a moment of religious inspiration.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my goodness. Yes! Yes, yes!” Jenkins hollered. “Forgive me Lord, I counted my chickens before they hatched!”

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Jenkins isn’t always bellowing like a tent revival preacher, though. If you listen to the rest of his broadcast it sounds like he’s calling the game with his chin resting in his palm.

Young Harris went on to drop the game in overtime, 89–83.

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