A hockey writer puts his newspaper in soup, Prestin Obradovich and much, much more in Friday’s P.M. Hot Clicks. 

By Dan Gartland
February 17, 2017

He’s a Man of His Word

A hockey writer in Belarus lost a bet about the team he covers and had to eat a newspaper soup. 

This Keeps Getting Better

The best story of the week is obviously the assassination of Kim Jong-il’s half-brother. Now the woman accused of killing him (the one in the “LOL” shirt) says she thought she was on a TV prank show

A Taste of the '90's

I’m too young to remember Zima, but I’ll have a chance to try it now that MillerCoors is reviving the clear malt beverage.

Prestin Obradovich: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Say hello to Prestin Obradovich, who’s been boggling my mind with this photo of what appears to be a shag carpet on a mountaintop. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) 

Say Cheese!

My parents met a friendly stingray on vacation from pics


Oh, It’s a Murder Trial?

Jury selection continued today in Aaron Hernandez’s second murder trial. One woman was completely oblivious.

Odds & Ends

A middle school teacher in Canada gave his students instructions for cooking and injecting crystal meth. ... A military flyover at a ski race in Switzerland got close enough to clip the overhead camera. ... A Delaware Uber driver is accused of returning to his passengers’ homes to rob them. ... In response to Chris Christie trashing Philadelphia, the mayor lashed out and called him a bully.

That is a Technical?

For MJ’s Birthday and the ASG

A Good Song

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