In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we look at Pizza Hut's amazing new pizza-ordering sneaker. Plus Amber Bernstein, LeBron on Belichick and more.

By Andy Gray
March 02, 2017

Editor's note: I'm back from two days of hell Jersey City jury duty. Thanks to Rohan and Dan for covering. Read until the end and vote for the best cover of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog.

The greatest invention of all time

Technology has long been making us lazier. Henry Ford's Model T made its debut in 1908 and forever changed how we move about. The remote control came along in 1956 and revolutionized television viewing. Email became mainstream in the late 1990s and people stopped going to the post office. Even today, there are even smart vacuums and driverless cars. But none of these compare to Pizza Hut's announcement that you can now order pizza from your "Pie Top" sneakers. We, as a society, have hit peak laziness. 

LeBron nearly kills Bill Belichick

The Cavs took on the Celtics last night in Boston and Bill Belichick had a front row seat. That front row seat also put him in right in the center of the action and he almost got tackled by LeBron James on one play. Luckily, the Cavs star slowed down and crisis was averted. It was a big night for Belichick. He met Isaiah Thomas, got entertained by the Harlem Globetrotters and earned the biggest cheer of the night when he appeared on the Jumbotron. No wonder he was so happy. After the game, LeBron had a great quote about the Belichick near-miss.

My favorite sports rivalry includes two men over age 90

I don't usually report on 60-meter sprints in Hot Clicks, but when a 92-year-old loses to a 99-year-old and demands a rematch, that needs to be reported on. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Amber Bernstein is a model, entrepreneur and works with animal charities. What more could you want? She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Those fighting Gretzkys

A top quarterback prospect in California (and future USC signalcaller) is transferring schools after getting into a fight with Wayne Gretzky's son during the school's basketball game. Not sure who won the fight but I know whose dad isn't a good fighter.

This is what a tennis ball factory looks like

From the "things that you never thought you'd care about" department, I present this great Wired piece on a tennis ball factory in Thailand.

Worst girlfriend award

Baltimore Zoe really needs to double-check who she's sending texts to before pressing send.

DIY NFL Combine

If you're one of those hardcore workout types, here's a list of technology and cool gear you can add to your next gym session, inspired by the NFL combine.

I love Jimmy but this is the dumbest thing he's ever said

Time for a new Bomb Taco Tuesday spot

Best name ever

This girl came in for a SI Swimsuit casting

Clearly she's doing just fine without us!

Odds & ends

John Cena discusses his A.J. Styles feud, the Nintendo Switch and his match with The Rock ... Jose Abreu admitted to eating his fake passport while traveling to Miami from Cuba in 2013 ... The 10 most athletic freaks in NFL scouting combine history ... The Vikings new glass-covered stadium is killing dozens of birds ...  Former Giants cornerback Will Allen was sentenced to six years in prison for his part in a Ponzi scheme ... The Nickelback drummer tracked down the fraudster who scammed $25,000 worth of equipment ... Here are all the Netflix original movies streaming in 2017. 

Heads up!

Since half the Sports Illustrated staff went to Northwestern

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Are you ready to dance, @numensbball?

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Lazy defense alert!

My new favorite 100-year-old

Who covered it best: Black Dog

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