By Andy Gray
April 07, 2017

Chris Paul wears diarrhea brown turtleneck 

My good friend (and occasional Hot Clicks writer)​ Rohan Nadkarni interviewed Dwyane Wade about a variety of things that have nothing to do with basketball. He discussed everything from fashion (he's very into it) to his children (everyone loves his son on Snapchat) to his favorte rap song with a lyric about Dwyane Wade (it's by Jay-Z). My favorite part is how the Banana Boat Crew are on a group text where they make fun of each other's outfits, including the diarrhea brown turtleneck Chris Paul is rocking in the above photo.

Tim Tebow hits home run. Twitter gets excited

Up until yesterday, Tim Tebow's tenure with the Mets has been pretty uneventful (and that's the nicest thing I can say). His talent has been criticized by experts and one pitcher thought he was the ball boy. So what did he do in his first minor league at bat? He hit a home run, of course, because he's Tim Tebow. Twitter, as expected, had a lot to say.

Five lost storylines from Seinfeld

Imagine Frank needing to use medical marijuana. It almost happened.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Noel Leon is a retired figure skater who is now a model, standup comic and even danced in a Miley Cyrus video. The girl's got skills! She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Noel Leon is the first palindrome we've had in LLOD history. Huge day!

Shia LaBeouf's fry rant starts fun debate in Gray house

Shia LaBeouf went bowling in L.A., got hammered and called the bartender racist for not serving him french fries. Not sure how, but this got me and the wife talking about fries vs. tater tots vs. onion rings. My preference is onion rings then fries then tots. She put fries first. Where do you stand?

Flashback Friday: Michael Jordan asks Ken Griffey Jr. for autograph

The year was 2003 and MJ was just another baseball fan trying to get a souvenir.

Think your selfies are creative?

Nothing to see here. Just a selfie of a horse in a bathroom.

This is not surprising

Charles Oakley makes good point, could use editor

Extremely excited for this movie

Andy Gray wants everyone to better their lives by ignoring Gwyneth Paltrow. Really.

Odds & ends

There's a bunch of rich people at The Masters, yet concessions are super cheap ... Good news for African soccer fans (and also for hipsters) ...A Brazilian soccer team is using their jersey numbers as part of an advertisement ... UCLA lost in the NCAA tournament because of "slow white guys" ... Great job by Carhartt and these five pitchers for donating money to veterans ... The man convicted in death of Michael Jordan's father seeks a new trial ... The fine citizens of India are irate at Gordon Ramsay ... How to safely clean your laptop ... Nothing like a little violence at Disney World ... Here are 13 classic Don Rickles videos to remember the insult king.

​Never seen this before

Gronk should stick to football

James Harden (person) dances with James Harden (mascot)

I'll take a dog, thank you very much

Great moments in celeb news interviews

Song for the weekend

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