Jason Kipnis offered Francisco Lindor’s autograph to fans for an uber-specific shinguard

He’s a big stickler over shinguards, apparently.
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Jason Kipnis is very specific about the shinguard he wears on his right leg. How specific, you may ask? Well, he’s worn the same make and model since college. Hell, he won’t even wear a different color.

Kipnis has worn this small, white Easton shinguard since his days at Arizona State. He learned the hard way on Thursday that Easton no longer makes it, when he apparently was unable to order one from the company. That’s when, as a last resort, he offered to give memorabilia signed by Francisco Lindor to anyone who would be able to send him the shinguard: 

​As it turns out, the right people got the message, and he was able to secure not one but two shinguards! What a lucky guy.

Why Easton wouldn’t just make a few of these shinguards for a professional baseball player I’ll never know. But hey, at least it all worked out for Kipnis in the end.