In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we debate whether J.J. Watt is authentic or fake, plus a look at the lovely Ellysa Spenard. 

By Andy Gray
April 27, 2017

There are 101 types of cheese in this slice

Sports are important. I plan to spend much of the next three days watching some combination of the NBA Playoffs and NFL draft (speaking of, here's the only mock draft you need to read). But pizza is more important. So when Scottie's Pizza Parlor in Oregon created a 101-cheese pizza for Portland Mercury Pizza Week, I had to make it the lead item in Hot Clicks. Hope you understand.

Where do you stand on J.J. Watt?

J.J. Watt has become one of the more polarizing athletes in sports today. At times he seems like the greatest guy in the world. Other times, it seems like he's just showing off for the camera. On Wednesday, he offered to pay the $100,000 fine of Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander by tweeting "Les, I know you got it, but if you need us to chip in, we got you fam. ." To me, this is Watt trying to become part of the story as there's less than zero chance Alexander asks Watt to help him pay the fine. What do you think of him?

ESPN's most disliked personality?

Wednesday was a brutal day for ESPN staffers. I've been laid off before and it sucks. So has Jimmy. It is worth pointing out that Jemele Hill was the ESPN personality who seemed to take the most abuse on social media.

Lovely Lady of the Day

From the "how have I never featured this model as LLOD before" department, I present Ellysa Spenard. She gets today's honors (click for full-size gallery). 

TIL: Al Pacino, 77, is dating a woman half his age

Lucila Sola, 38, was five years from being born when Godfather 2 was released.

Instagram hates Elle Johnson

As many Hot Clicks readers know, Elle Johnson is a friend of the program and one of the best-looking women out there. Give her a shout out on Twitter today as she's locked in a battle with Instagram and could use your support.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

I don't get excited about that many giveaways but I am pumped about this one. Roots of Fight just launched two new items (one sweatshirt and one tee) paying tribute to the legendary Andre The Giant. You know, the guy with the huge hands and many female admirers. Maybe you've heard of him. Anyhow, I have three t-shirts to give away and I'll send to the 100th, 200th and 300th person to email me ( their favorite wrestling catchphrase. You can see our ranking of the all-time top 50 here. Please make the subject line "Roots of Fight."

Jake Butt gets some toilet paper

Marshawn Lynch announces his return to NFL (as only he can)

Odds & ends

The 10 best and worst hats you'll see NFL draftees wear after they are selected ... There's debate about whether the third suicide note from Aaron Hernandez was to his lawyer or another prison inmate ...Great job by Reebok with this mock ad ...The Simpsons took aim at Donald Trump in this animated short ... The guests at TED got quite the fancy gift bag ... Chipotle is adding dessert to its menu ... For those who want a more colorful toilet experience ... Caitlyn Jenner had some interesting thoughts on O.J. Simpson.

This isn't pretty

Underwater hockey looks fun

Hannah Davis Jeter is still adjusting to her new last name

Great moments in college news bloopers

Growin' Up

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