In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, we look at Matt Harvey's love triangle and a feature on the lovely Uldouz Wallace.

By Andy Gray
May 10, 2017

The real reason Matt Harvey went AWOL

The Matt Harvey situation keeps getting more interesting. On Sunday, he was suspended for three games after blowing off Saturday's game. This led to a late-night visit from Mets security. Tuesday, he apologized profusely at a press conference and admitted he was out past curfew on Friday (he was actually out until 4 a.m. at 1OAK). And now comes a fun rumor that it was all over a girl. Apparently, the sight of ex-girlfriend Adriana Lima partying at the Met Gala with Julian Edelman was too much for him to take, and led to his late-night outing. The lesson, as always, is don't date models. It never ends well.

White Sox host Bark at the Park Night

The White Sox hosted their annual Bark at the Park Night during Tuesday night's game against the Twins. A good time was had by all (though nobody had a better time than this dog). For those who can't get enough dogs at the ballpark, here's a big photo gallery just for you. 

Pro tip for athletes: Don't take nude photos 

Some female UFC fighters are the most recent victims of a nude photo hack. For the love of God, stop taking nude photos and stop saving them on a cloud. They will get discovered. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Uldouz Wallace was born in Iran, moved to Sweden at age 9 and speaks four languages fluently. She also does stand-up comedy and a killer Rosie Perez imitation. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Rick Pitino shows off hoops skills

Rick Pitino played his first competitive basketball in 20 years yesterday, and frankly, he looked pretty good for a guy who hasn't played competitive basketball in 20 years.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a new ladyfriend

Spoiler: She's really attractive.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

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Connor McDavid looks terrified

I want to buy him a second beer

This is why we love Amazon

Let me guess. You waited too long to get a Mother’s Day gift and now everything you like won’t ship by Sunday. Don’t worry—there is something called Amazon and they have a huge selection of home, beauty and fitness products that mom will love. We’ve rounded up seven gifts for mom you can get on Amazon here. Or, you just order flowers at The Bouqs, use the code MOMS for 20% off the Mother’s Day collection and be done with it. 

Odds & ends

This heroic rugby coach jumped into the stands to save a fan's life ... Bill Polian takes every chance he gets to crap on the Patriots ... LaVar Ball wants attention ... The Raptors need a "culture reset," whatever that means ... After reading this, I'm starting to think Tony Romo will be really good on TV ... Stan Van Gundy adopted the last dog left at the shelter ... Miley Cyrus' 10 biggest scandals ... United Airlines can't do anything right these days ... If you get one cooler this summer, make it the Yeti Hopper.

Ottawa respects traffic signals

Charles Barkley gets soaked

Pop rules

Nina Agdal is jacked

So what

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