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By Jeremy Woo
May 25, 2017

The Cubs dressed up Anchorman-style for their road trip to Southern California, which began after Thursday’s game.

Known for organizing wild themes for team flights, manager Joe Maddon has turned to Ron Burgundy, Brick Tamland and Brian Fantana for inspiration. The Cubs will wear the outfits Thursday when they fly out to Los Angeles, then again for the return trip from San Diego—where the comedy takes place—following a game May 31.

Check out photos below.

The Cubs had bottles of ''Sex Panther''—Fantana's preferred cologne—in the clubhouse prior to Wednesday's game against San Francisco. Maddon has jokingly dubbed it the ''Ron Burgundy/Brick Tamland/Tommy La Stella Tribute Road Trip'' because he sees a resemblance between the utility infielder and Tamland, the movie's weatherman.

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