Look, it’s LaVar Ball coaching AAU basketball

As you might imagine, it gets loud.
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You’ve spent the last two months or so hearing everything LaVar Ball says amplified by the internet media. You’ve heard him yell about his kids. You’ve heard him yell about himself. You’ve heard him yell at other people.

Now, you’re in luck — you get to watch America’s increasingly omnipresent helicopter dad coach basketball.

First things first and jokes aside, respect to LaVar and his family for operating an AAU team independent of shoe company support. This was happening before Lonzo was a thing. The Big Ballers AAU squad plays a style of uptempo basketball that some will argue isn’t really fundamentally helpful other than padding the stats of the various Ball children, but it’s a difficult thing to do. They’re playing on the West Coast this weekend and someone took a video of LaVar coaching the team.

Ball's team still lost 109–57.

Here it is. Don’t shoot the messenger.

As for the whole “Stay in Yo Lane” thing, nope...still pretty wack.