In Friday's Hot Clicks, we examine dogs and fidget spinners, plus a feature on the lovely Cami Morrone.

By Andy Gray
June 16, 2017

When dogs meet fidget spinners

One month ago, I had never heard of a fidget spinner. Then we published this story on the Mets' fidget spinner giveaway and these crazy parents who think they are too dangerous so I ended up buying one. Now I can't put it down. It turns out that I should be letting my dog play with it since they seem to be having the most fun with them.

A history of F-bombs at victory parades

The Warriors held their victory parade on Thursday. Draymond Green wore a funny t-shirt, which somehow led to LeBron James shaving his head (and this great Martellus Bennett quote about it). The toaster guy somehow got a primo spot for the festivities. The one thing it was missing was a good F-bomb we could add to our list. Oh well.

Today in long jumping news

Blessing Okagbare's wig came flying off mid-jump, and she played it off like it was nothing.

Lovely Lady of the Day

It's been nearly a year since we featured model Cami Marrone, and seeing that today's her birthday, it only makes sense to feature her again (click for full-size gallery). 

The rise and fall of high top sneakers

I've been noticing the last few years how fewer NBA players are wearing high tops, which is so bizarre to me because that's just asking for a sprained ankle. Anyhow, Esquire has a good piece on the low top's increasing popularity.

When fake tweets strike

Around The Horn spent way too long discussing a fake Adrian Wojnarowski tweet.

The jerk store called and they want Steve Harvey

I don't like to curse here, but what a bass mole.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

Summer is here and if you don't have a good beach towel, you should do so immediately. Luckily our friends at The Northwest have a line of NBA "Zone Read" beach towels for all your beach towel needs. Buy yours today! As luck would have it, I have three to give away (you pick the team) and I'll send to the 100th, 200th and 300th person who emails me ( their favorite championship parade F-bomb. You can find some to choose from here. Please make the subject line "The Northwest."

Aaron Judge was a decent high school athlete

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Aaron Judge absolutely dominated high school athletics

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Did they plan to wear same sunglasses?

Great grandma gets down

Odds & Ends

Remember when Donald Trump bought Monday Night Raw? It was pretty surreal. Here's what will happen if Conor McGregor decides to choke out Floyd Mayweather ... Sucks to have a game like Chris Sale and still lose ... Jose Calderon made a lot of money for doing nothing ... If you're a Whole Foods fan, this is a really interesting story ... Jerrod Carmichael didn’t want NBC to pull The Carmichael Show’s shooting episode​ ... ​Google Drive is about to become much more useful ... No one has ever smoked as much pot as Miley Cyrus (according to Miley Cyrus). 

MC Hammer rides snail

Los Angeles gets the bat signal

Best coffee table ever

Tupac would've turned 46 today (put on your headphones)

I like Nas's version much more

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