In Friday's Hot Clicks, we debate a commuter setting up her desktop on the train. Plus a look at our favorite ASU cheerleader.

By Andy Gray
July 06, 2017

Does a desktop belong on a commuter train?

This woman set up her iMac on a commuter train and the internet is completely baffled. What do you think?

When PC goes too far

A Braves fan complained on Twitter about seeing "KKK" on the wall after pitcher Jaime Garcia had three strikeouts. People explained that it was baseball tradition and not racism but she would not let it go. Then she deleted her account.

Andre Roberson gets huge contract, leaves crappy tip

The Thunder signed Andre Roberson to a three-year, $30 million contract and he celebrated by leaving a tiny tip on a huge check. But was his excuse legit?

Lovely Lady of the Day

Meet Brenan, my new favorite Arizona State cheerleader. Just don't let her hold your drink because she spills everything. She is today's LLOD (click for a full-size gallery).

When rainless rain delays happen

The Nats and Braves had a strange night, sitting out a three-hour rain delay that didn't involve any rain. At least the jokes were good.

Fun conspiracy theory

A new photo may show Amelia Earhart survived her crash and spent her life in Japan.

We have a new Beer-Mile Relay record

Shout out to these Canadians who set a Beer-Mile Relay record while drinking craft beer.

Go Blue

Paging NBA Jam fans

Best prom date ever

Odds & Ends

The Internet can't decide if this Chipotle customer is a genius or a jerk​ ... A bunch of NFL players are investing in a 12-year-old girl's Lemonade business ... Wrestling fans: Bruce Prichard previews the Brock Lesnar-Samoa Joe match ... More proof that it's better to play in the NBA than NFL ... Ringside seats for Mayweather-McGregor are selling for $10,000 ... All you need to know about the Jay-Z-Kanye West feud ... Snoop Dogg had some thoughts on the Rob K-Word situation ... This couple met on Twitter and now they're getting married ... The anti-sand towel is perfect for your next trip to the beach ... The Sons of Anarchy spin-off will be reshot with new cast members.

Slow pitch alert

Kristaps Porzingis is in a strange, new commercial

Didi Gregorious wants your all-star vote

Lucky Charms Shake Review

Best news bloopers of 2017

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