In Tuesday's Hot Clicks, a man checks a single can of beer as luggage. Plus, a look at the lovely Sibahn Doxey.

By Andy Gray
July 11, 2017

When your check-in luggage is a single can of beer

This Australian hero was traveling from Melbourne to Perth and had just one piece of luggage: a can of beer (Emu Export lager, to be exact). So he checked it in, the beer was tagged and arrived safely in Perth a couple hours later. The Daily Mail has photos and videos of this important story.

Quick and dirty review of the Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby was last night. Giancarlo Stanton hit the ball far. Aaron Judge hit the ball farther and won. Joel Embiid was in the stands trying to catch balls. Pitbull performed, and everyone made fun of his outfit. The end.

The greatest sports moments in Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO's best show is returning on Oct. 1. Here's a look back at Curb's best sports moments.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Sibahn Doxey is the former Miss Montana USA 2016, and more importantly, a two-time Lovely Lady of the Day. Both huge career accomplishments (click for full-size gallery).

It was a big weekend for NHL weddings

Not sure why so many NHL players got married last weekend, but we have plenty of photos from them all. Of course, Alex Ovechkin's looked like the most fun, if you're into shirtless hockey players singing and dancing.

Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A

Jimmy Traina sits next to me at work and says a lot of things over the course of the day. Some smart. Some dumb. Some so crazy that I have to go to Twitter and share with everyone. Where do you stand in this debate?

Coming soon: President Rock



Odds & Ends

Chris Christie's audition to replace Mike Francesa on WFAN is going great ... Isaiah Thomas is a killer on the Instagram comments scene ... If you're a NBA fan, you should read this profile of Paul George and his move to Oklahoma City ... The five longest home runs of the 2017 baseball season (so far) ... Old Michael Jordan stories are fun. Also, MJ might be part of the Marlins' new ownership group with Derek Jeter ... The Blazers' medical staff may be the reason Greg Oden had so many injuries ... The best music albums of 1997 ... Lindsay Lohan is not a good sister ... Fourteen pop culture items you should buy on Amazon Prime Day, and here's all the deals announced so far.

Kevin Durant pads shot blocking stats

Best first pitch of 2017

Great quote

Prediction: Joey Lagano's son will be a crazy driver

Meet the Barton Hills Choir

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