Not being tied to a major company is a big advantage in LaVar Ball's opinion.

By Khadrice Rollins
July 15, 2017

LaVar Ball seems like a big fan of not working under a major organization. It means nobody can tell his son Lonzo what shoes to wear, and nobody can tell LaVar what he can and cannot say.

On Saturday, LaVar spoke with Jovan Buha of ESPN, and shared his thoughts about Joel Embiid getting fined for saying, "F--k LaVar Ball" on Instagram live.

But LaVar wasn't done there. He also commented on Lonzo's choice of footwear and why it's a good thing that he hasn't been wearing the ZO2s recently.

LaVar Ball told Magic Johnson his bravado is just a marketing tool

"He's just letting them know that he can play in any shoe he feels like it, and that's how that Big Baller Brand roll" LaVar says to ESPN. "We've got that independence. We don't have to be strapped down. You know how many other players want to do that? Try on another shoe and can't?"

Lonzo has worn Nike, Adidas and Under Armour sneakers after wearing his signature shoes in his first two Summer League games. And his performances when the BBB logo wasn't on his feet has sparked the interest of many.

LaVar on the other hand is not concerned about the shoes or any triple-doubles unless they coincide with victories. He also wants people to think twice before talking about Lonzo's defense.

"Two five-steal games in a row," LaVar says to ESPN. "What's defense?"

Now if only LaVar would respond to J.J. Watt's criticism of the Big Baller Brand.

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