In Thursday's Hot Clicks, D.J. Phil Simms dances with boombox. Plus a look at the lovely Caitlin McSwain.

By Andy Gray
July 26, 2017

D.J. Phil Simms spins the beats

The NFL Today was filming promos in Times Square with Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, James Brown and Nate Burleson. They crashed a breakdance battle, Simms ended up with the boombox and ... well ... I don't think Phil Simms should ever hold a boombox again.

Who's excited for the O.J. Simpson pop-up museum?

Los Angeles citizens are in for a treat. O.J. Simpson is getting his own museum for one week at the end of August. The museum will feature more than 300 artifacts connected to Simpson's 1995 court case so people can "explore the pop culture impact of Simpson's case beyond the headlines." ​

QUIZ: Can you name the age of these athletes?

I got nine correct, which the quiz deemed as an "acceptable result."

Lovely Lady of the Day

I've received some complaints about lack of redheads in Hot Clicks. With that in mind, I present Caitlin McSwain, today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).  

Adrian Beltre plays by his own rules

When an umpire tells a on-deck hitter to get into the batting box, most get into the batting box. Adrian Beltre had other ideas.

24 celebs who were banned from other countries

Good work by Japan with their Paris Hilton ban.

A sneaker for every state

Adidas has created a sneaker for every state, and I'm glad I don't live in Kentucky.

We all make mistakes

Paging all Kane County Wayne's World fans 

This wouldn't happen in 2017

Odds & ends

Martellus Bennett spent Tuesday night sleeping in the Packers locker room ... Bruce Arena believes his team is “still behind the 8-ball,” even after winning the 2017 Gold Cup ... Julio Jones hired divers to find the $150,000 earring he lost in the lake ... The top five rated QBs in Madden NFL 18​ ... No, this jacked weightlifter is not Conor McGregor ... Ray Allen has some strong opinions on Donald Trump ... Another reason to stay away from gambling ... Details are out on the new Curb Your Enthusiasm season and I can't wait for the Judge Judy episode ... It's the end of Coke Zero as we know it, and the Internet is shocked.

Bryce Harper is not pleased

Nov. 7 can't come soon enough

Bad play by the catcher

My favorite person on the internet right now

I am a big fan of Phish, and I'm in awe of the band's attempt to play 13 Madison Square Garden shows (which they are calling "The Baker's Dozen") without repeating a song. However, nobody is a bigger Phish fan than YouTube user fzappa20, who posts amazing reviews after each show. Here is the one from last night.

He also does Game of Thrones reviews

Sports, too!

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