In Monday's Hot Clicks, we recap UCLA's epic comeback. Plus at look at the lovely Olivia Martinage.

By Andy Gray
September 04, 2017

Holy crap, what a comeback!

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Happy Labor Day, especially to me and all the unfortunate people stuck working today. I was asleep by 9:30 last night and missed the best comeback of 2017 (including the Super Bowl) as UCLA erased a 34-point deficit in 18 minutes to lead the Bruins to a 45-44 victory over Texas A&M (though the winning touchdown didn't appear to be an actual touchdown). It's a brutal loss for A&M coach Kevin Sumlin and a member of the school's regent (whatever that means) has already called for his firing. The victory had Twitter fired up about Bruins QB Josh Rosen and this tweet I sent in the first half didn't hold up well.

Best part of Mets season

It's been a nightmare season for the Mets. Like really, really bad. So let's focus on something positive, and that is the play of Mets sideline reporter Steve Gelbs, who casually nabbed a foul ball with his non-microphone hand.

Fan's mom unleashes fury on Isaiah Thomas

I may have oversold a bit with the headline but calling 28-year-old Isaiah Thomas a "kid" is ruthless and hysterical.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Olivia Martinage is a New Hampshire native, and if you've never been to New Hampshire, I suggest you check it out sometime soon. It's a very underrated state. Anyhow, Olivia is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

It's all happening

Creed 2 looks like a go (according to Sly Stallone's Instagram feed at least) and it will mark the eighth movie in the Rocky franchise. Some may say this is overkill but those people can go to hell. I love Rocky and its many sequels. We even wrote about what happened to Ivan Drago after his loss in Rocky IV. Creed 2 can't come soon enough.

Get the tissues

Derrick Rose was reduced to tears after watching a tribute video made by Chinese fans.

Twenty best hotel bathrooms from around the world

Proud to say I've used one of them. The W in South Beach. It was glorious.

You're playing with fire, Blake


Replace Fruity Pebbles with Lucky Charms and you're golden

Odds & Ends

What the hell was Mike Mahtook thinking and why can't I stop watching his blooper? ... Ranking all 31 NFL stadiums ... Cam Newton's brother Caylin led the biggest comeback in college football history ... Madden NFL '18 has some great glitches ... I don't know much about hip hop but I do know that Nas is awesome and Lonzo Ball shouldn't have said what he said ... How the U.S. can qualify for the World Cup ...  Adidas now makes beer repellent shoes ... Tim Tebow finished his first pro baseball season. Here are his not very impressive stats ... The Wyoming punter's swing and miss was my favorite part of the weekend ... How to take the perfect nap ... The best Ikea product of all time.

Class is cancelled!


L.A. Sparks dance party

What a moment

Top 10 non-swimsuits in SI Swimsuit history

Happy Birthday, Beyonce

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