In Tuesday's Hot Clicks, we'll meet a man with Popeye arms. Plus a look at the lovely Akacia Boven.

By Andy Gray
November 14, 2017

Scariest thing you'll see today

Meet Kirill Tereshin, a 21-year-old from Russia who injected a bunch of synthol into his arms and now has freaky Popeye biceps.

Cavs take over New York

LeBron James and his Cavs took on the Knicks at MSG last night after a long day in the city. It started when the team opted to avoid traffic and take the subway. This led to a new viral star, the "can you not" guy (who later admitted he had no idea he was talking to a NBA team). As for the game, it saw a great LeBron vs. Enes Kanter showdown, a huge Cavs comeback victory and more LeBron-Kanter postgame antics.

Josh Beckett's mug shots are fun

Last week, the former World Series MVP was arrested after tackling the singer of a country band while he was performing at an open mic night. The mug shots are out and Beckett definitely has that eight-drink bedhead look.

Akacia Boven is an actress who has appeared in Revenge, a show I used to really like but then got way too crazy. That's not a reflection on Akacia, of course. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Never seen this before

A Tennessee State football player was expelled from school after punching a coach on the sideline.

Janet Jackson's nose is collapsing

Too much plastic surgery can be dangerous.

Go for a ride on the Ferry Mcferryface

​Australia has a new tourist destination.

Nice try

Top 10 OTT services

This is disgusting

Odds & Ends

SI Swimsut teamed up with the Brooklynettes on their annual swimsuit calendar ... NFL ratings are down but the NFL Network is thriving ... Daniel Bryan had an interesting quote about his future in the wrestling ring ... Congrats to my good friend Maggie Gray, who was named as one of Mike Francesa's replacements for the WFAN afternoon shift ... Some Colts fans are threatening to sue the team for fraud after Andrew Luck's injury ... Allen Iverson will return to the BIG3, but only as a coach ... This Kristaps Porzingis hat looks nothing like Kristaps Porzinigis ... Peter Vescey probably shouldn't have quoted Biggie Smalls, especially when the n-word is involved ... An anonymous member of the Bengals says the refs are provoking Vontaze Burfict ... Quentin Tarrantino's next movie looks outstanding ... The 15 most expensive cars in the world ... Louis CK's manager had a head-scratching explanation for his silence 

This fan is really annoying

Leslie Jones gets free sneakers

Not your average hockey fight

Mike Francesa goes off on the Giants

Whipping Post

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